This is a method for returning the coefficients of an mplus.model object. It works directly on an object stored from readModels such as: object <- readModels("/path/to/model/model.out").

Method that calls coef.mplus.model. See further documentation there.

# S3 method for mplus.model
  type = c("un", "std", "stdy", "stdyx"),
  params = c("regression", "loading", "undirected", "expectation", "variability",
  raw = FALSE

# S3 method for mplusObject
coef(object, ...)



An object of class mplusObject


A character vector indicating the type of coefficients to return. One of “un”, “std”, “stdy”, or “stdyx”.


A character vector indicating what type of parameters to extract. Any combination of “regression”, “loading”, “undirected”, “expectation”, “variability”, and “new”. A single one can be passed or multiple. By default, all are used and all parameters are returned.


Additional arguments to pass on (not currently used)


A logical defaulting to FALSE indicating whether to parse and return coefficients based on the type (regression, etc.) and relabel using an arrow notation, or to return the raw coefficients in a named vector.


Either a data frame of class ‘mplus.model.coefs’, or in the case of multiple group models, a list of class ‘mplus.model.coefs’, where each element of the list is a data frame of class ‘mplus.model.coefs’, or a named vector of coefficients, if raw=TRUE.

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Joshua F. Wiley <>


if (FALSE) { # simple example of a model using builtin data # demonstrates use test <- mplusObject( TITLE = "test the MplusAutomation Package;", MODEL = " mpg ON wt hp; wt WITH hp;", OUTPUT = "STANDARDIZED;", usevariables = c("mpg", "wt", "hp"), rdata = mtcars) res <- mplusModeler(test, "mtcars.dat", modelout = "model1.inp", run = 1L) # example of the coef method on an mplud.model object # note that res$results holds the results of readModels() coef(res$results) coef(res$results, type = "std") coef(res$results, type = "stdy") coef(res$results, type = "stdyx") # there is also a method for mplusObject class coef(res) # remove files unlink("mtcars.dat") unlink("model1.inp") unlink("model1.out") unlink("Mplus Run Models.log") }